When to Engage

Have you received an email like the following? Get in touch so we can help you move forward:

Thank you for submitting your Stage Application. We are pleased to confirm that your application has been approved.

When you receive this email, you may submit your pit & pipe designs using the online upload tool. NBN will review your designs and contact you if any amendments are required.
To submit your designs for review you will need:

  • The correct stage request ID
  • The DWG file saved in CAD 2010 r18 compliant version
  • File size limit 20MB per file
  • A maximum of 20 files

Please ensure that you submit your designs for review prior to starting construction on site.

Ensure your design follows NBN guidelines, AutoCAD standards and symbols, and are in scaled DWG format.
View the design support tools
When you install pit & pipe infrastructure in your development, ensure it is installed according to the Deployment of NBN Conduit and Pit Network guide (document number NBN-TE-CTO-194).
Once you have completed your pit and pipe infrastructure, you must submit the as-built design and Notice of Practical Completion (PCN). NBN will arrange a site inspection and issue a PCN if the Practical Completion has been achieved. At this point you will be required to transfer ownership of the pit and pipe works to NBN in order for NBN to complete the installation of NBN network infrastructure.
Read more about the pit and pipe build process.
Learn more about the cabling requirements for the NBN network.

Under NBN’s standard Developer Agreement, developers are required to provide certificates of currency for your insurances no later than 5 business days after commencement of pit & pipe installation.
If you have any questions, please call NBN on 1800 687 626 or email DeveloperLiaison@nbnco.com.au.
Thank you and regards,
NBN Developer Liaison Team